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Talenthouse is a Los-Angeles based company offering an online platform for creative collaboration and brand advertisement. With over 3 million users, it is one of the most active platforms of its kind. In late 2013 it became clear that it was necessary to rebuild the platform, at that time based on the Zend PHP framework.

The chosen technology for the new platform was a combination of the Play Framework and the Scala programming language. The time-frame for the rebuilt was set to a challenging 3 months.

This talk tells the story of the Project Phoenix: the technology choices made early in the project, difficulties encountered along the way, and lessons learned for the future. It will give an overview of back-end technologies (such as persistence), front-end technologies (including the assets pipeline to serve those assets), the integration with other cloud services, operational considerations (deployment on Heroku, AWS), and the distributed data migration from the old platform, leveraging Akka.

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