Using Scala & Play Framework in Production

Christian Papauschek 2013-06-20

  • Database Access via Slick
  • Integration with other Web Services (Amazon S3, etc.)
  • Refactoring & Action Composition

Scala Play

Scala Taxonomy explained for Java programmers

Radim Pavlicek 2013-06-20

  • OO Features
  • Pattern Matching
  • Functional programming

Scala Language

Contemporary Concurrency Comparison: Akka Actors, Scala 2.10 Futures and Java EE 6 EJBs

Gerald Löffler 2013-05-22

I shall try to give a succinct explanation and critical comparison of the defining architectural principles and coding styles in Akka Actors, Scala 2.10 (previously Akka) Futures and Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans (in particular JMS MDBs and session beans with asynchronous business methods). Although Akka has a Java binding and Java EE is, obviously, a Java standard, this comparison will focus on usage from (and code in) Scala.

Java Scala Concurrency

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Scala

Manuel Bernhardt 2013-05-22

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Scala - But Were Afraid to Ask

My experience learning Scala and the pitfalls I encountered along the way.

Scala Language