file resource handling and image resizing in play

David Pichsenmeister 2014-02-20

Plugins for file resource handling (like amazon s3 bucket) and image resizing on-the-fly via URL parameters in play 2 for scala.

Scala Play

Impressions of »ping conf Play! edition« conference

Alexander Daniel 2014-01-22

I'm talking about facts, impressions and summarize my favorite talks.

All videos of the conference are available at the conference website.

Scala pingconf conference Play

Tips and tricks for setting up a Play 2 project

Manuel Bernhardt 2013-11-20

A small set of tips and tricks for setting up a vanilla Play 2 project. Presentation given at Devoxx 2013 in Antwerp.

Scala Play

Play à la Rails (ActiveRecord, Cucumber, ...)

Sebastian Nozzi 2013-08-26

My attempts to make my experience developing Play 2 web-applications (in Scala) more Rails-like.

I show 3 frameworks employed that draw nearer to the Ruby/Rails spirit than Play's default offerings

Scala Play

Using Scala & Play Framework in Production

Christian Papauschek 2013-06-20

  • Database Access via Slick
  • Integration with other Web Services (Amazon S3, etc.)
  • Refactoring & Action Composition

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